About Us

St John The Evangelist United Church reflects the beliefs and traditions of the Anglican, Congregational, Methodist and Presbyterian denominations, shared in a warm and welcoming church.


We strive to be an inclusive church that creates a sense of belonging, family and community, welcoming everyone irrespective of church tradition and faith perspective.


We believe and trust in God the Father who created the universe.

We believe and trust in Jesus Christ, the Son of God, who has redeemed the world.

We beleive and trust in the Holy Spirit who gives life to the people of God.

We believe and trust in one God; Creator, Redeemer and Sustainer.

If you would like to purchase a copy of A History of St John's United Church, please contact the Church office.

Rev Peter M Witbooi

Rev Peter was ordained in 1980 after completing his theological training at the Federal Theological Seminary (FEDSEM). He has served at St John's since 2005 and remained attached while he served as Bishop of the Central District of the Methodist Church of SA from 2010 to 2016. He is married to Agnes and blessed with three children, Peter, Robyn, Tarryn and Melanie and grandchildren Malaika, Georgia, Eli and Leah. Rev Peter is a gifted preacher and his love for the Lord is matched by his love for his congregation.


Our History

St John’s began its life when a Sunday School was started in Parkmore in late 1963. This was later extended to include worship services, which were held in a garage. In November 1970, a meeting was held where it was decided that “there should be only one church for use by all denominations”.


St John’s pioneered the cooperation between the churches, with the denominations committing themselves to a “Search for Unity” in late 1974 and St John’s became an ecumenical church with each member church holding separate services.


In 1998, St John’s became a United Church, using a united liturgy which reflected the liturgical traditions of the Anglican, Congregational, Methodist and Presbyterian churches.


St John’s is a member of the Church Unity Commission (CUC).

Past Ministers


2010 – 2015         Rev Roxane Jordaan (Congregational)

2009 - 2013        Rev Sikawu Makubalo (Methodist)
2000 – 2004     Rev Michael Openshaw (Methodist)
1994 – 1999         Rev Peter Beart (Anglican)
1995 – 1996         Rev William Englebrecht (Presbyterian)
1994 – 1999         Rev John Westwood (Anglican)
1991 – 1993          Rev Nigel Uden (Congregational)
1989 – 1993         Rev Ian van der Lingen (Presbyterian)
1986 – 1990         Rev Roy Harris (Anglican)
1985 – 1988         Rev Alistair Rodger (Presbyterian)
1983 – 1984         Rev Michael Waite (Presbyterian)
1981 – 1994          Rev Stanley Pitts (Methodist)
1980 – 1986         Rev Ian MacIntosh (Anglican)
1978 – 1980         Rev Reg James (Anglican)
1977 – 1982          Rev Jack Dalziel (Presbyterian)
1976 – 1980         Rev Roy Baker (Methodist)
1975 – 1976         Rev Des Clynick (Presbyterian)
1973 – 1974         Rev Lee van Rensburg (Methodist)
1973 – 1974         Rev David Mather (Presbyterian)
1971 – 1975          Rev Syd Freeland (Methodist)
1970 – 1979         Rev Hugh Harker (Anglican)